How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

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No two smiles are exactly the same. We might brush and floss our teeth twice a day, but regular professional dental cleanings and examinations are essential to maintaining good oral hygiene.

So how do you know how often you should visit the dentist to maintain healthy teeth and gums? Let’s take a look below!

What Happens During a Professional Dental Cleaning & Examination

A professional dental cleaning is not the same as brushing your teeth at home. No matter how much you brush and floss, plaque can build up under your gums and between your teeth over time, which hardens into tartar. Only professional-grade tools, such as scalers, can effectively remove tartar.

During a professional dental cleaning and examination, your dental hygienist will first take any necessary x-rays of your teeth that your dentist can observe to ensure your teeth and their roots look healthy. They will then use the above mentioned professional-grade tools to clean your teeth properly, removing any tartar and plaque buildup you’ve accumulated, followed by flossing. If you haven’t seen the dentist in a long time or have gum disease, they might also perform a deep cleaning which takes a more targeted approach to removing plaque and bacteria. They will then polish your teeth using an abrasive paste to get your teeth looking as bright and healthy as they can.

If you need additional protection from cavities and decay, you might also get a fluoride treatment to protect your teeth.

Once the cleaning is over, you’re ready for your professional examination. Your dentist will carefully inspect your gums, teeth, and jaws to look for any signs of cavities and decay, gum disease, or oral cancer.

How Often to Schedule Dental Appointments

Since the bacteria levels in your mouth change day to day, it’s important to see your dentist often in order to make sure that everything looks healthy. If you have no history of or current oral health complications, we recommend you schedule dental cleanings and examinations every six months. If you have gum disease or another ailment that affects your oral health, you might have to visit your dentist more regularly. Your dentist will be able to come up with an appropriate schedule for your needs!

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