Oral Surgery in Charlotte, NC

Our office provides gentle dental extractions, including wisdom teeth removals, for patients who need one or more teeth surgically removed. Not every dental practice offers these services, but we are proud to offer oral surgery services in-house so patients can receive all or most of their dental care in one convenient location. To learn more about our services or schedule your next visit, please contact us!

What if I’m nervous about my procedure?

It is very normal and common to feel anxiety about advanced restorative procedures like oral surgery. At River Vista Dentistry, we do everything we can to help our patients have relaxed and pleasant experiences in our office. We offer two excellent choices for dental sedation, nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation, which help reduce anxious thoughts and help dental appointments fly by. If you are interested in utilizing one of our safe and effective sedation services, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to assist.

What can I eat after my oral surgery?

Before your surgical procedure, you will want to stock up on plenty of soft foods that are either very easy to chew or don’t require chewing. Foods like blended soups, smoothies, scrambled eggs, yogurt, and applesauce are great choices. It’s very important that patients avoid drinking through straws and smoking during their recovery, as these things can cause a painful dry socket. After a few days, you will likely be able to start introducing more foods into your diet, although you may still have to cut things into small pieces and chew with the back teeth.

Can I return to work or school after my oral surgery?

Oral surgeries are invasive treatments, and they require the patient to rest and recover for at least the remainder of the day. We can review your treatment plan and help you determine how many days you should plan to stay home and recover post-surgery. Once you return to work or school, we still recommend avoiding doing anything too strenuous for another couple of days. Too much activity too soon can disrupt the healing process and cause complications. If you have any questions or concerns for our team at any point, please don’t hesitate to contact us!