What Is a Leaky Filling?

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Almost all of us have had a cavity at one time or another. The most common way to treat a cavity is a dental filling, which prevents further decay and discomfort by filling the hole in the affected tooth. With proper care, fillings can last for years without issue, but one potential problem that can arise is called a leaky filling.

What Does it Mean When a Filling Is “Leaky”?

Fillings are meant to create a barrier that prevents bacteria and debris from entering the space between the filling and the tooth. When the seal between the filling and the tooth is compromised, that is called a leaky filling. Food, saliva, and bacteria may be able to reach the cavity and get trapped beneath the filling, which can lead to further decay that requires more extensive treatment.

How Do I Know if I Have a Leaky Filling?

Symptoms of a leaky filling are similar to the symptoms of a cavity: sensitivity to hot or cold foods, a toothache, and discomfort while chewing, to name a few. You may even be able to notice a visible difference when you look at your filling. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, see your dentist as soon as possible to get things taken care of.

What Is the Treatment for a Leaky Filling?

If your dentist confirms that you have a leaky filling, you’ll likely just have to get a replacement filling. This routine procedure is quick and nothing to be concerned about. Ignoring a leaky filling just makes it more probable that the decay will grow worse and more painful.

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