Top 5 Scariest Monster Teeth

illustrations of werewolf, dracula, and shark

What would you say are the top five scariest monster teeth of all time? We’ve listed our picks below—see if you agree!


When people think of scary monster teeth, Dracula immediately comes to mind. After all, he is the original blood-sucking monster. And what better way to terrorize your victims than with a set of long, pointy teeth? Dracula and his teeth have inspired vampire tales the world over, including numerous books, films, and TV shows. To this day, kids still dress up as him for Halloween.


European folklore has always included the legend of the werewolf, a man who is turned into a wolf by the full moon. A big part of the interest in werewolves is their terrifying canine teeth. You wouldn’t want to get trapped in the woods with one of these guys, that’s for sure.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Tyrannosaurus Rex from the 1993 film Jurrassic Park has haunted imaginations for almost 25 years. T. Rex spends most of the film chasing two scientists and two exceptionally brave children all over the theme park. Consider yourself lucky you’re not in their shoes!


Unlike the T. Rex in Jurassic Park, Jaws from Steven Spielberg’s film Jaws was actually based on an animal that still exists in our world: the great white shark. There’s nothing scarier than his “jaw” full of teeth—he was literally named after it! It’s certainly the biggest and seemingly scariest shark in the world, and he has the mouth full of sharp teeth to prove it.


The baddie from the 1979 film Alien is a creature you’d be best to stay away from. This murderous fiend terrorizes a spaceship crew in outer space, picking them off one by one. The fully-formed, adult version of the alien life form has rows of sharp pointy teeth you’d hope to never face.

We can certainly agree that monster teeth are scary, but yours definitely shouldn’t be, especially if you take good care of them. Visit River Vista Dentistry to ensure your teeth are dazzling, not frightening!

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