Alternatives to Metal Braces

Metal braces are often a rite of passage during one’s childhood. The thought of having clunky metal braces as an adult, however, isn’t that appealing to most people. Luckily, you have your options when it comes to bracesthat are less noticeable than metal ones. At River Vista Dentistry, we’re proud to offer two of the popular alternatives to straighten your teeth.

Six Month Smiles®

As the name implies, the usual treatment time for Six Month Smiles® only takes about a half a year, but these tooth-colored braces are not tight or painful. They’re the ideal option for someone who wants the effect of braces (as opposed to aligners) without the appearance of them. Their brackets and wires are hardly noticeable, so you won’t feel the need to hide your smile when you have them. Best of all, Six Month Smiles® is usually the most affordable option when it comes to straightening teeth.

Note that if you have a severe overbite or underbite, Six Month Smiles® may not be for you, as it is designed to enhance the cosmetic appearance of your teeth only.

guy putting in clear aligners as alternative to metal braces


If you want to straighten your teeth without wires, then Invisalign®, which includes a series of clear, custom-fit aligners, is perfect for you. They are great for those who don’t mind wearing the aligners for 20-22 hours a day and removing them when eating and brushing their teeth. The timeline of your Invisalign® treatment will depend on the extent of your dental issues. Keep in mind that you will put in new sets of aligners every couple of weeks, and the timeline of your treatment partially depends on how consistent you are with wearing them for the specified amount of time each day.

Invisalign® can straighten teeth and bring them closer together and is also suitable for those with bite issues and overcrowding, but it isn’t ideal for those who have very rotated teeth.

Comparing Six Month Smiles® & Invisalign®

For an experience as close to metal braces as possible without as noticeable of an appearance as conventional metal braces, Six Month Smiles® is the best option for you. If you want to avoid the look of braces altogether and can be consistent with wearing your aligners and changing them out as needed, consider Invisalign®.

If you are interested in orthodontics, know that you have your options and that we at River Vista Dentistry are here to help you throughout the process, from decision making to treatment to financing. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

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