Why Is Flossing So Important?

young man flossing his teeth

Raise your hand if you’ve gone to the dentist and felt uncomfortable when they asked you how often you floss. It’s a routine question, but we know that sometimes patients don’t like admitting that flossing isn’t part of their normal routine. It’s easy to remember to brush your teeth every day, but for many people, flossing falls by the wayside. While flossing certainly doesn’t replace brushing, it is a crucial part of the overall dental care routine and here’s why:

Getting Those Hard-to-Reach Areas

When cleaning your teeth, it’s important to clean every side and surface since plaque can accumulate anywhere—so not just the fronts and tops of teeth that are easy to reach. It’s also important to clean around and under the gumline. All of this is where floss comes in handy. You may notice that even after brushing there are food particles stuck between your teeth where it’s hard for the toothbrush bristles to get in between, but floss is designed to tackle just that.

Preventing Gum Disease

Gum disease occurs whenever plaque builds up around the gums. When you floss, you’re doing your part to stop that from happening. If gum disease is allowed to develop, it can cause a range of issues from bleeding, sensitive gums all the way to loose teeth and bone loss. That’s right! Despite what many people think, healthy gums should not bleed. On top of that, gum disease has been connected with cardiovascular disease, so taking care of your gum health means taking care of your overall health.

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