When Is the Best Time of Year to Get Dental Work Done?

young woman schedules a dental visit during the slow season

For strong and healthy teeth, regular trips to the dentist are essential. Most people need only two check ups every six months. If you need other dental work completed, you’ll come in more often. When is the best time of year to see the dentist?

Dentist Offices Have Busy & Slow Seasons

At dental offices like River Vista Dentistry, certain times of the year are busier than others. August is usually very busy. Many kids are getting their checkups before school starts. Appointment slots in December and January also tend to fill up quickly. Everyone wants to use their annual dental benefits before they reset. In general, early spring, early winter, and early summer are good times to visit. You can also contact us and ask how busy we currently are.

Why You Should Get Work Done During a Slow Season

Getting dental work done during a slow season has many benefits. In early spring, starting with a checkup or treatment lets you begin the new year on the right foot. With your dental work out of the way, you can enjoy your summer plans without interruption. If you do need work done in early summer, you can avoid the rush that usually happens just before school starts. To use your insurance coverage before another busy season kicks in, plan on visiting no later in the year than early winter. Lab work also takes less time during a slow season!

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