Are Dental Cleanings Necessary?

young woman smiles sitting in the dentist chair while getting a regular cleaning

It’s no secret that you can reduce your risk for most major dental issues with a healthy diet and a good at-home oral hygiene routine. If this makes you wonder if professional dental cleanings are really necessary, think again. At-home habits are important, but they’re no substitute for dental cleanings by our team at River Vista Family Dental.

Why Are Dental Cleanings Necessary?

Even the best at-home oral hygiene routine can’t eliminate all buildup from plaque and tartar. That’s where we come in: dental cleanings allow our highly trained team to professionally clean your teeth using the latest dental technology.

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

If you’ve ever wondered what we’re actually doing during your dental cleaning, you’re in luck. First, our hygienists perform a physical exam of your entire mouth to check for signs of gum disease, cavities, and other major issues. Next, we use our scaler tools to remove plaque and tartar from between your teeth and around your gum line. After that, we floss your teeth and use our polishing tool to remove any pesky stains from the surface of your teeth.

How Can I Make Sure My Dental Cleanings Go Smoothly?

One of the best ways to ensure that your dental cleaning is quick and easy is to practice good oral hygiene at home. Brushing twice daily and flossing once each day limits the buildup of bacterial plaque on teeth, which also reduces the amount of tartar. Most patients consider removal (using a scalar to scrape tartar off of the tooth surface) the least pleasant part of a dental cleaning.

How Often Do I Need a Dental Cleaning?

In general, the American Dental Association recommends a professional dental cleaning every six months. This allows our team to monitor your oral health and treat any minor issues before they become major problems. More frequent dental cleanings may be necessary for patients with more complex oral health concerns. To ask our team any questions about dental cleanings or to schedule yours, call us today!

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