Benefits of Teeth Straightening

dentist hand holding invisalign clear braces tray

If you’ve yearned to do something about your crooked teeth but couldn’t quite justify the expense, you may be underestimating the benefits of straight teeth. While perfectly aligned teeth may create an aesthetically pleasing smile, they are also very important to your overall health and well-being. Here are some reasons to why getting your teeth straighten may be worthwhile after all.

Reduced Risk in Disease

Getting food stuck in your teeth is the worst, but it can cause more serious damage than you think if it’s not cleaned out properly. Having crowded teeth makes it much more difficult to brush and floss away all the plaque build-up in between. A failure to thoroughly clean out the bacteria can lead to tooth decay, swollen gums, and ultimately, risk of periodontal disease. Not to mention, gum disease has links to heart disease if the bacteria from the infection enters into the blood stream and travels to the heart. With straight teeth, the gums fit more snug around the teeth, creating the best defense against bacterial invasions. It also allows for easier cleaning, and thus, better oral hygiene.

Improved Digestion

When your teeth aren’t aligned properly, chewing can involve extra work. As chewing becomes a chore, people often have trouble breaking down the food in the way it needs to be. This, in turn, makes it challenging for the stomach and intestines to do their jobs. Having your teeth in even rows would correct step one in digestion and have you enjoying your meals better, while contributing to your gut health!

Less Headaches or Neck Pains

Whether a few adult teeth never came in or you were born with gaps in your teeth, gaps in your teeth leave your jawbone weak and cause jaw alignment issues. Misaligned jaws can foster bite problems and teeth grinding, which can trigger chronic headaches as well as face and neck pains. By investing in preventive measures, it is possible to easily avoid these aches.

Fortunately, solutions like Invisalign or Six Month Smiles are convenient and easy ways to correct your teeth. At River Vista Dentistry, we offer clear and accelerated braces to help you find your healthy, natural smile. If you’re interested in straightening your teeth, contact us today and our friendly team will help you schedule a consultation.