4 Sugar Alternatives

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We’re all guilty of a little sweet-tooth craving every once in a while, but if you’re someone who is always reaching for a sugary snack, it may be time to consider an alternative sweetener. After sitting on your teeth, sugar attracts bacteria that breaks it down into acids that attack your enamel. With weak enamel, you are susceptible to cavities and tooth decay. We’ve compiled a list of sweeteners that will satisfy your craving without the cavities.


Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that can be processed from plants and is often found in sugar-free products. It is recognized for its oral health benefits because it fights off bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities. Xylitol may be used as a sugar substitute in coffee, baking, and any other sweet treat you use sugar in.


If you’re not one of those who can handle your coffee black, cinnamon is a great way to increase flavor and decrease sugar content. Aside from saving your teeth, cinnamon can lower your blood sugar levels and aid in weight loss.


Stevia is another plant-based sweetener that can replace sugar. It is most commonly used to sweeten your beverages or sprinkle on your breakfast foods. It also contains zero calories, even sweeter!


Though it should not be your first sugar substitute, honey may be used as an alternative. While honey still contains sugar, it takes longer for bacteria to accumulate in your mouth after eating it. Mix it in with your yogurt parfaits or your hot teas. Local, raw honey has also proven beneficial in fighting symptoms of allergies.

The best way to avoid tooth decay and cavities is to decrease the amount of sugar you consume and visit River Vista Dentistry for your routine dental cleanings. Call our office to schedule your appointment today!

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